Meet Michele Power

Meet Michele Power, proprietress of Avec Moi Décor in Los Olivos, CA. She is an expert stylist and a self-made entrepreneur. She attended fashion design school in London England and is originally from Orange County. When she returned to the United States, she designed clothing for several companies out of New York and Los Angeles for over 30 years.

Michele woke up one morning in 2010 and decided it was time for something new. She packed up her things, grabbed her dog Bosco, and moved to the wine country to open her dream boutique. Her first location in Los Olivos back in 2010 was 1200 square feet with just a single employee. In 2013, she and her mother designed and built a 4000 square foot store located at 2906 Grand Ave. Los Olivos and now has six amazing retail experts working for her.

Avec Moi carries a carefully curated collection of beautiful clothing and accessories. Michele travels extensively searching for unique and original designs for each new seasons.

We look forward to dressing you head to toe! Bonjour